Christmas marketing ideas - countdown online

The holiday season is around the corner and it is a season that should not be missed, regardless of what you are marketing. Christmas is after all a time for shopping and wishing lists. But most of all I think that Christmas is a time for anticipation. A countdown to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and all that comes with it. It is this countdown that I would suggest that you focus on as a marketer.

Countdown to Christmas on your website with a new message every day

Create a page or section on your website that is dedicated to the holiday season. Make sure to use photos and design elements to convey the holiday spirit and separate this section from the rest of your website. Then you use this page to countdown to Christmas. Every day in December you present a new message here. You can for example:

  • Give special offers
  • Introduce a new product
  • Hold a competition
  • Give tips and advice - preferably something that is related to your products and/or the Christmas season
  • Give away unique content

Get your visitors to come back day after day

The key to success is to get your customers to come back to your website day after day. You can do this by:

  • Making sure that no one can view your content until the right day. If you want to take it one step further you can even do it the snapchat way and just replace yesterday’s message with today’s message so people can’t go back and see your previous offers/messages.
  • Attractive but short-lived discounts. Maybe a big discount on a specific item for today only.
  • Providing value to your visitors. You don’t need to give a discount every day but you should give the visitors something of value e.g. Christmas related tips, access to some special content, a guide on how to do something, a video to watch or help to solve a problem they might have like what to buy their spouse for Christmas...
  • Using cliffhangers to hint about what is coming next. If you for example run a food store you can alter special offers with recipes and hint about upcoming discounts on ingredients and matching recipes to come.
  • Storytelling you can build up tension and interest by hinting about some big news or big giveaway on Christmas Eve. Drop small hints every day, let your visitors collect points or in some other way reward those that visit your page every day. Maybe you have a competition that runs over 24 days.

Don’t forget to market your Christmas page

You can’t just expect people to come to your Christmas page uninvited, you have to let them know that it is there and make them curios enough to visit. Attract visitors by:

  • Sending out newsletters or greeting cards
  • Sharing your daily message with your followers on Social Media
  • Encourage your visitors to share your content
  • Give your Christmas page plenty of visibility throughout your website, not least on the frontpage
  • Hand out flyers about your Christmas page in your store
  • Buy holiday specific keywords on Google and other platforms

Manage it all with an Advent Calendar on your website

Does it sound complicated? If you really want to offer a unique Christmas experience to your visitors you can do this through an Advent Calendar online. Here you can preload your daily messages in advance with texts, images and videos. Your visitors can then open a daily window and read your message on the right day but not before. For example the message for December 13 cannot be seen until 00:00 that day. If you prefer you can set another opening time instead, for example 10 am. All you need to think about is your content. will take care of the technology and the Christmas feeling.

Read more about Christmas Calendar Online and checkout the calendar demo.