FAQ about Christmas Calendar Online

Here you will find questions and answers about our Advent calendar online.

Do you have some advice on how to use and market the calendar?

Yes we do! Check out our article about Christmas Marketing Ideas.

Is it possible to have videos in the window pages?

Yes our Advent calendar supports videos from YouTube. You can upload videos as unlisted on YouTube so that no one can find them without a link.

Can I choose which days to include in the calendar?

The standard package includes December 1 to 24. In the premium packages you can choose to disable som days in the calendar, for example you can disable the weekneds if you only wnat to present windows on the weekdays before Christmas. You can have a maximum of 24 windows that all must take place in December (unless you want to request a special solution). See the price page for more information on the various packages.

Which URL will my Advent calendar have? Can you have it on my own website?

The url is https://www.christmascalendaronline.com/yourname where you choose your username. Usually people link from their own website to the Advent calendar but you can also include it on your site using iframes in HTML. If you would like to have your own domain or subdomain, for example christmas.yourdomain.com, I can host it for you and set up your calendar there. Contact me for a price quote in that case.

Is the Advent calendar responsive? What are the system requirements?

Yes the Advent calendar adapts to different screens and devices. It should work well in all modern browsers and operating systems that have JavaScript enabled. I can not guarantee that everything works on Windows XP, Opera Mini and really old phones. Try it yourself in our demo calendar. Please feel free to contact me if something looks strange. In that case it helps if you can send a screenshot and information about the browser and operating system you were using.

When to order?

You can order the calendar at any time. It might be nice to do it at least a few weeks before it starts so that you have enough time to create content for all the windows. On the other hand, the entire calendar does not need to be completed by December 1, you can upload the content day by day as long as you stay one day ahead of the calendar.

What does the calendar cost and what's included in the price?

You can find this information on the price page.

How can I pay?

You can pay with Paypal or by invoice if you prefer to pay by bank transfer. Payment must be received before your calendar is activated.

What is the origin of the Advent Calendar?

See our article about The history of the Advent Calendar.

More information

Contact me if you don't find an answer to your question here. See also how it works and demo.