Booking Conditions for

Thank you for booking an Advent calendar with Our hope is that the calendars will spread joy to all who visits them and we hope that you will contribute to this goal. is owned by the Swedish company DreamStudies AB.

Personal data and GDPR

We aim to protect your privacy. We undertake not to sell or otherwise distribute the personal information that you provide to us. We will not subscribe you to any newsletters or share your information with third parties.

Mails that you send to us are deleted after two years. When you book a calendar with us, you agree that we have the right to email you in matters concerning your Christmas calendar. For example regarding your account, technical problems, information about new functions, evaluation and a discount offer for next year's calendar. However, we do not send newsletters and do not email unnecessarily. Let us know if you do not want any more communication from us after your calendar is over.

Your Christmas calendars are stored on our web server. Texts, pictures, links and the login information that we create for you are stored there. All information on our website is sent via secure SSL connections and the passwords are stored encrypted. We use Matomo to collect anonymized statistics but we don't set any cookies.

We guarantee to keep your calendar online at least until January 15 the year after ordering (see below). Then the calendar will be deleted within two years if you do not ask us to delete it earlier or save it longer. Many customers like to be able to go back and look at their old calendars when creating new ones.

Invoices and customer information are stored in our accounting system in accordance with the Swedish Accounting Act.

In accordance with GDPR, we can, if desired, delete all your personal information, Christmas calendars, etc. except those that must be saved according to the Accounting Act.

Your responsibility and your calendar content

You are legally and financially responsible for your calendar content. The calendars should also follow our guidelines. This includes, inter alia, that you certify that:

  • You have the right to use the images and texts in your Christmas calendar
  • That your calendar does not have an offensive or illegal content and that it does not call for offensive or illegal activities

We reserve the right to view your calendar content to ensure that these guidelines are followed and if necessary be able to give you support. Calendars whose content does not follow these guidelines must be changed immediately. If not, we will shut them down permanently without any right to a refund.

Private packages

Our private packages may only be used by individuals for non-commercial purposes. For businesses and other commercial use you must book a business package. If we discover that a company has booked a private package they must upgrade to a business package, otherwise will shut down their Advent calendar without a refund.


If your payment bounces or is disputed, for example if you have used an unauthorized credit card for the payment, we reserve the right to shut down your calendar until proper payment has been received.

Companies can pay by invoice. Invoices are due within 10 days if the order is placed before December 1. Thereafter the due date is within 5 days. The payer should cover all bank charges.

Please note that the prices are for one calendar during December of the current year. If you want several calendars or if you want to repeat your calendar next year you will have to place another order.

High volume traffic

There is a traffic limit on the Standard and Premium package. For each day that today's window have more unique pageviews your calendar exceeds this number of visitors (according to Google Analytics) we will charge you a fee of 10 Euro to cover our extra costs for high volume traffic. If the double traffic limit is exceeded another 10 Euro is charge and so forth. This applies to both private and business packages. However it is very rare that personal calendars exceed these numbers, but if you expect many visitors it is advisable to book a larger package with more traffic since it will be cheaper in the long run.

Support and technical problems

The calendar will run from our server. When you have paid for your order we will give you the login details for our backend where you will upload and edit the calendar. It has responsive designed and is made to work well in modern browsers. It is tested in Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on PCs, Macs, mobiles and tablets. Please feel free to contact us in the unlikely event that something looks strange on your device. We will do our best to solve the problem. It helps if you send us a screenshot and information about the browser and operating system used.

For the Advent calendar to work you must have Javascript enabled in your browser and it must support SNI. We can not guarantee that everything works on Windows XP, Opera Mini or on old phones. We can not be held responsible for technical problems on your local machine that can affect the calendars speed and function, e.g. outdated software, slow internet connection or a buggy browser. If we cannot recreate the error on a similar configuration in our test environment, it is considered as a local problem. We are not responsible for supporting outdated software and we reserve the time needed to adjust the calendar to the new technological platforms.

We do not give active support on the calendar after the date that your last calendar window can be opened. We are always receptive to feedback but for complaints to be considered, they must be submitted to us while the calendar is still active so that we have a chance to correct any errors.

Additional costs and optional services

Our regular support includes to answer a reasonable amount of questions about the service, and to resolve any technical problems described above. Our administrative interface contains the information you need to set up and customize your Advent calendar. If you need additional assistance we can help you with image processing and to put your content in the calendar for you at an additional cost. If you miss any feature of our calendar, feel free to tell us about this and we'll see if we can install it eventually. Most things are possible, but the development of services that are not explicitly included in the package you have booked is an added cost so contact us for a quote if you want them for this year's calendar.

We do not charge any costs beyond our price list unless we have agreed upon it in advance.

We do not add VAT on our invoices to companies outside the EU or EU-companies that submit their VAT-number. VAT is already included in the price for private customers so it is no extra cost.

Uptime and availability

Your Advent Calendar will be available from the day we activate your account until January 15 the following year. Usually, the calendar stays online if you do not explicitly ask us to take it down. However, we reserve the right to take down the calendar from January 15 the following year. If you want to repeat your calendar next year you will have to place another order.

The calendar is on a Web server that has close to 100% uptime. Our goal is that your advent calendar should always be available. However reimbursement will be done as long as the server's average uptime is at least 95% during the period that your calendar is active, usually 1 to 24 December.

Responsibility and liability

We take no responsibility for events beyond our control that may affect the availability and function of the calendar, for example Internet problems, hack attacks, strikes, disasters and other force majeure.

We reserve the right to change the information on our website at any time. We also reserve the right to correct obvious price errors.

We can never be held liable for financial damage in connection with problems with your calendar and its contents. Under no circumstances will we refund more than the customer has paid to us.


Any disputes regarding the calendar and the content of this agreement should primarily be settled through a professional dialogue between the parties. In the unlikely event that legal assistance will be needed the dispute should be settled by Swedish law in Stockholm’s Tingsrätt, Sweden.